Maggie Lou Rader tells epic stories of epic women. She's the winner of the Theater J Patty Abramson Prize and the Notre Dame College New Play Festival. She has been a semi-finalist for the Eugene O’Neill National Playwrights Conference, a semi-finalist for UP Theater's Renewal Reading Series, a finalist for the Notre Dame New Play Festival, a two-time semi-finalist for the Garry Marshall New Works Festival, a two-time finalist for Central Florida Community Arts TYA New Play and Musical Festival and was selected for Miami University’s inaugural Digital Play Reading Series. She’s had the privilege of having her work developed at DePaul University, the Theatre School, the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, Inkwell Theatre (LA), and Cincinnati LAB Theatre. Her plays have been produced at Know Theatre of Cincinnati, InBocca Performance, and The Marsh, MarshStream International Solo Fest, Idaho Shakespeare Festival, Eclectic Full Contract Theatre (Chicago), as well as staged readings with Theatre Pro Rata and Green Buffalo Productions. She’s also been published with Smith and Kraus as well as Madwomen in the Attic. Keep an eye out for her work at Strand Theatre Co. and more in 2023!

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LET.HER.RIP.: a Tale From the Crosshairs of Real Events, is the story of comradery, activism, and ferocity which lies in the crosshairs of the Match Women labor movement and the Jack the Ripper murders of 1888. Behind the scenes labor leaders, Em, Liza, and Nana are busting their lady balls to make the East End safer for women and all working people, when the headlines move away from their accomplishments to the mysterious man mutilating women in the streets. Women they know. Women of their community. Neighbors and friends. They support and reignite each other in their fight against deadly misogyny, police brutality, personal demons, problematic saviorism, social reform, and a better life for all poor East End women. But as tensions come to a head, who will make the final rip?

3W, 90 minutes

Developed at the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company (February 2021)

The Helpers

The Helpers is a new perspective from of the other side of the most famous bookshelf in history. Miep Gies, an immigrant and secretary for Otto Frank's famous Opekta company, leads a group of helpers to preserve the residents of the Secret Annex and the spirit of goodness and survival during World War II. Based on Miep Gies book, Anne Frank Remembered, The Helpers is a tale of joy, allyship, and friendship during one of history's darkest moments.


3W, 3M, 2 hours 15 minutes

Workshop at DePaul University (May, 2020)

Digital Reading Series Miami University

(March 2021)

Full Circle Players New Play Festival

Semifinalist (2021) 

Finalist for Henley Rose Playwrighting 

Competition for Women (2021)

Watch DePaul reading here: 


Poster Design by Sarah Beth Hall


Poster Design by Sarah Beth Hall

The Wonder

The Wonder is inspired by the first documented case of spiritual possession in America. Mary Roff's unearthly illness turns her family and the town of Watseka, Illinois upside down, that is, until Lurancy Vennum follows in her footsteps. The Wonder is a journey of hope, loss, undying familial love, and healing beyond the bounds of this world. Also, it's a ghost story.


4W, 1M 90 minutes

Semi-Finalist for the Eugene O'Neill

Playwrighting Conference (2021)

Dean Productions (2022)

Skeleton Rep Salon (2021)


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Poster Design by Sarah Beth Hall

Like Demons

Set during the backdrop of the American Civil War, Like Demons is a tale of historical fiction based on the forgotten true stories of real women who lived and fought as male soldiers on the battlefield. Their silent heroism, true patriotism, and love of honor come to life in the story of Emma Edmond's journey as a soldier and spy for the duration of America’s bloodiest war. 

6-16GN, 2 hours 15 minutes

Theatre Pro Rata Summer Reading Series (September, 2020)
UP Theater's Renewal Reading Series, Semi-Finalist (July, 2020)
InBocca Performance (November, 2019)

"I encourage anyone interested in new plays, new playwrights, strong female leads, female produced and directed shows, stories by women, stories for women, stories of men and women working together for a common goal, equality between the sexes and of course, compelling stories with a great ensemble cast, then Like Demons is a play you need to see"

-League of Cincinnati Theatres

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Poster Design by Mandie Reiber for InBocca Performance

Antoine at the Border

Marie Antoinette is a figure larger than history can hold. However, she was born Antoine, a sweet Austrian princess. What happened in that tent when the Austrian princess became the future French queen? Antoine at the Border is a delightful, 10-minute, "what if" story from history. Who came out of that tent on the border?

2W, 10 minutes

Produced at Eclectic Full Contact Theatre (2021)

Published with Smith and Kraus Best 10 Minute Plays of 2020

 "Beautifully nuanced but modern, tough, and relentless. This 'what if' story of a maybe-      switcheroo is humorous, wise, and dynamic, with wit and intrigue for days. Great work from a        gifted and versatile writer."

       -NPX Recommendation

Mary's Monster

On a dark night near the end of her life, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley wrestles with ghosts: her dead children, her sister, her famous husband, her mother, and Frankenstein, her most famous creation. Death has loomed over her entire life, and now, shovel in hand, she will reckon with it, one way or another.

1W, 85 minutes

Know Theatre of Cincinnati (2018)

Vanderbilt University (2018)

"Rader’s dialogue is impeccable, weaving her own words and Shelley’s together into a stunning, often macabre tapestry. Her performance is resilient and emotionally exhausting. Loss after heartbreaking loss strikes, and Rader lassos the atmosphere of the space, steering its descent into anguish and fear."



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Poster Design by Cal Harris

Family Friendly Series

Alice In Neverland

Dragon Up 

This literary mashup is a crime caper mystery for audiences of all ages. Join Alice, the best detective in Wonderland, who takes the case when Tinkerbell and Peter's Shadow hire her to solve the mystery of Peter Pan’s disappearance. Upon arriving in Neverland, Alice finds that without Peter, time has been thrust forward, leaving Neverland in perpetual winter. The Lost Kids are growing up (and running off to invest in stock market) and the mermaids lement about being stuck in winter (left to steal crab-shmere blankets from fish). Will Alice find Peter before he grows up?Will time be restored in Neverland? Will Captain Hook ever be picked for the hockey team? This mashup of everyone’s favorite childhood stories will have your audiences laughing, cheering, and using critical thinking skills to help Alice decipher clues and crack the case..

1W, 1GN, 60 minutes

Produced at Know Theatre of Cincinnati

Notre Dame New Play Festival Semi-Finalist (2021)


Oro the dragon just turned 12, is struggling to learn how to breathe fire to be a “real” dragon boy, and now finds himself in charge of guarding the Great Dragon Treasure! However, when he’s arguing with Meetra, the Muskrat Knight, the Scary Teacher Monster comes and steals the treasure from under their snouts! Will Oro and Meetra find the treasure? Will Oro learn how to breathe fire? Will they learn how to express emotions and resolve conflict in a healthy way? Find out in Dragon Up!  

2GN, 45 minutes

Produced at Know Theatre of Cincinnati



Design by Cal Harrisfor Know Theatre of Cincinnati

Design by Sarah Beth Hall for Know Theatre of Cincinnati

The Inventive Princess

of Floralee

This two-person, interactive, fairy tale will have your audiences “thinking like scientists” as they follow the Princess of Floralee on the adventure of a lifetime, searching for the kidnapped king kept in the clutches of a viciously vile and wrathfully wicked witch. Along the way, audiences will help the princess solve a variety of math, engineering, science, and even dance challenges as she uses her brains, wit, and sound judgment to find her father in the land Scalenfell. Our princess meets characters like a figure-skating dragon, a Platypus saving Pirate, a gate with a flair for the dramatics, and a witch! This unique educational opportunity unites science and art by giving audiences a chance to laugh, dance, and think critically about topics rooted in STEM.

1W, 1GN,  50 minutes

Produced at Know Theatre of Cincinnati

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Blair Godshall and Andrew Ian Adams for Know Theatre of Cincinnati