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Teaching Artist

I'm an arts educator, administrator, and creator committed to bringing the stories of my community to life for all ages and backgrounds. 


I served as the Education Director at Know Theatre of Cincinnati to offer "creatively compassionate programming to empower the youth of our community." I began the Education Department in 2016 and it's was a party for the rest of my time!

I also served as the PROJECT38 Coordinator at the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company. In 2014, I began the program, and came back in my previous position in 2018. P38  is an innovative program that introduces Shakespeare to tri-state classrooms, by facilitating the creation of over 38 original student-driven projects, culminating in a multi-day festival celebration, all at no cost to participants. 

I've taught thousands of students over my career and they are my greatest accomplishment in life.  I've worked at Heart of America Shakespeare Festival, Kentucky Shakespeare, Richmond Shakespeare Festival, Whitney Young Scholars, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, and the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company in many capacities. It's an honor to be called upon to create and teach innovative, empowering and original programming for all ages. I'm currently an adjunct professor at CCM with the University of Cincinnati.

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